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At SFI-Gray we do more than just cut, burn and process metal. We deliver fast, responsive service. Whether it’s getting a broken part back online that same day, or fulfilling a high-volume job with a short lead time, we have the processing capabilities, expertise and on-site inventory to meet your business needs. We can also save you valuable time and lower your costs.

Plasma Cutting

From a single piece to high volume jobs

Our advanced plasma cutting machinery provides us maximum speed, precision and efficiency in the production process. Compared to oxy-fuel cutting, plasma cutting machines produce minimal slag and can provide smooth cuts with a narrower kerf.

plasma cutting services
Plasma Cutting Machinery

Flame Cutting

Extensive line of CNC flame cutting machines

Cutting up to 12" thick steel plate

We support a variety of cutting processes and produce superior cut part quality no matter the shape or size required. Oxy-fuel machines are equipped with up to eight torches to handle high volume jobs, and can cut plate up to 12” thick. Cutting capabilities include straight line burning, track burning, custom burning and beveling.

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Our Capabilities:


Drilling, Tapping, Counter Sinking, Milling
Hole Diameter 0.125 - 3.00"


750 Ton X 24' Press
230 Ton X 14' Press